The redtienda Vision

Core values and believes

We believe that the way business is made will change much over the upcoming years because of the Internet. With redtienda we want to make it easier, faster and less expensive for companies in Hispanic markets and the rest of the world to perform electronic commerce (eCommerce).

We believe that we can offer solutions, virtually and internationally, to help companies through the same methods that we want our customers to use when they do business.

We believe that redtienda is a unique contribution to the market, and not introduced just for the purpose of making money. It must therefore be of the absolute latest and most convenient technology, innovative, high quality, and the unquestioned best in its category.

We believe in showing a professional image in all aspects. Being dedicated, efficient, and productive needs to be shown every day and moment to everybody that we are in contact with.

We believe in hard work and the enjoyment of it.

We believe in details and that little things matter.

We believe in honesty. We are fair, responsible, smart, flexible, and consistent. We never give up something we believe in. Everything is possible and we can do whatever we believe we can.

We believe in imagination and creativity, and that by seeing into the future better will help us understand the needs of our customers and the rest of the market.

We believe in doing a really outstanding job. We simply don't want to do anything without high quality.

We believe that our employees earn the same full respect and confidence as we do have for our customers. We trust and believe in everybody within our organization. Together we form the perfect team that permits independent and shared work, all inline with our principal philosophies.

We believe that we have a responsibility to our local, national and international community. By growing, helping and in additional ways act, we will bring more value to the world.

We believe that our customers are our highest priority and they deserve to be treated with best care in customer service. Our customers believe and trust in us, since they once made a decision. Therefore we may never make them disappointed or let them down. We desire to build long and strong relations and treat them as we would our best friends.

We believe in the growth for our product(s), service(s), and ourselves, but most importantly for our customers. Our customers' success will mirror our own.

We believe that profit is something good and essential for our existence, such as fresh air for a flower. Profit from our work will constantly inspire and drive us to do an even better job.

We believe in the future, and that redtienda will help many others and their business in an inspiring and positive way. All for glory, growth, success and happiness.


redtienda exists to provide solutions for making the Hispanic market an important and valuable player on the global eCommerce market.


To maintain redtienda as the top eCommerce software for companies in Latin America and the Hispanic markets by the year 2019.

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