Frequently Asked Questions

Every question deserves an answer. We hope that our Frequently Asked Questions will answer most of your questions. It's recommended that you read all of it before you get started to create an online store with redtienda.

If you have any additional questions that are not included on this page, please send us a message. Read the Summary and learn redtienda in minutes. It takes 5 minutes to get your own online store. Click here to get started today at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to redtienda


My business and redtienda

Starting with redtienda

My online store

Creating my online store

Managing my online store

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Introduction to redtienda

Why is electronic commerce (eCommerce) so important to us?

eCommerce and the Internet are the hottest industries right now. eCommerce is the future. Our future. You need to take part of it and you need to take action now! Your competition is not wasting any time and neither should you. Especially since your competition today is global which also means that the world is your market and with many new opportunities.

What is redtienda?

redtienda is the first real eCommerce software for businesses in Latin America. You use redtienda to first create and then manage your own online store. Learn more about online stores or about redtienda. redtienda is 100% in English.

How can redtienda help me?

redtienda is created for anyone who wants to do business online and sell their products on the Internet. It is invaluable when you need to create an online store, where you not only display your products but also sell them directly to your visitors. If you already have or are planning to get your own Web site, we strongly recommend you to consider implementing eCommerce.

Why can't I just have an ordinary Web site?

Your Web site can be of two kinds; A. the "ordinary" corporate site that works just as a virtual presentation of your company and products, that in most cases nobody really uses, and it basically just costs you money to have...or B. an eCommerce Web site (an online store) that is actively used to increase your overall business and profits. This last type of Web site is what you need and what redtienda offers you.

What is the difference between an Internet shopping mall and redtienda?

Big! You can see redtienda as having your own store, while having a presence in an Internet shopping mall as a shelf in somebody else's store. redtienda gives you the opportunity to have your own independent store on the Internet.


How much does redtienda cost me?

redtienda (REDTIENDA LIGHT) is 100% free! There are no hidden charges. You can upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD at any moment if you want to get access to several additional benefits. REDTIENDA GOLD costs just $37 USD per month, plus a $97 USD one-time setup fee. Learn more.

How can REDTIENDA LIGHT really be free?

It is quite simple. We strongly believe that the smallest companies have the most use of the Internet to do business today. The only way for our vision to become reality and make a mayor impact is when these small businesses get access to a powerful system that is free and easy to use. That is why we created redtienda. We want it to be available to anyone who wants to open their own online store.

Do I have to upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD?

No, of course not. You can upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD if you want or simply continue with the free REDTIENDA LIGHT for as long as you want. There are no obligations.

Are you charging something per transaction?

No, we do not charge any cost per transaction.

Does redtienda come with any guarantee?

Not really since redtienda is free. There is no guarantee if you eventually upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD at some moment since you by then will have experienced redtienda for some time and you then will have seen how powerful it is.

My business and redtienda

Who is redtienda for?

redtienda is good for small and medium-sized businesses who sell tangible products. Generally we recommend that you include at least 5 products, up thousands, that you want to sell online. It really does not matter if you are selling to consumers or other businesses, nationally or internationally, or what kind of products you offer. The best way to see if redtienda will work for you is to try our online demo and imagine your products in this simple demo store.

Do I need registered company to use redtienda?

No, you do not need a registered a company to use redtienda, but it is always better and looks more professional.

Are there any limits for the type of products I can sell?

Practically none, but we do not accept products that are illegal, harmful, or unsuitable in any way. Nor do we recommend redtienda for selling of multi-level products (MLM). To use redtienda, you should sell several tangible products that can be displayed in a catalog-format. See the "What kind of products do you sell?" list on the Get Started page if you are uncertain.

Can I sell eBooks or other digital products?

redtienda is best to use for selling tangible products. You could also sell services or other intangible products (such as eBooks, manuals, and videos) if you can display them in a catalog-format. Please note though, that there is no function in redtienda for digital and automatic delivery of the products. In other words, you have to manually send them by email (link for download or the product itself) to your clients.

I am not ready or do not want to sell online, should I get redtienda anyways?

We do NOT recommend it. redtienda is best used by existing companies that already operate a business that they want to take online. First get products to sell and a company, then redtienda.

The same is true for affiliate products. If you sell products from others through a special affiliate link, then you have better use for a normal static Web site. You only have use for an online store (and redtienda) if you sell the products, receive the orders, get paid, and deliver the products.

Starting with redtienda

Can I try redtienda before I get started?

Absolutely, please try our online demo to see how redtienda works. Please do all your testing in the online demo, before you open your own online store.

How long will it take to get started?

Once you have filled in your information on the Get Started form, you will get access to redtienda and your new online store immediately.

What will happen after I have signed up?

You will first get a confirmation email that contains all necessary information. You can then start working with your online store. The best way is to start with the 10-Step Store Creator.

I did not receive the confirmation email, what do I do?

The confirmation email has a unique code. It can not be recreated. Please check your folder for Spam or Unsolicited emails to see if the confirmation email is there. If not, please wait 48 hours (the time the record is saved) and then try open an online store again. Make sure your email address is correctly written so that is not the problem.

I already have a Web site, can I still use redtienda?

Sure, you can link your online store (made by redtienda) from your existing Web site. This is a great way to connect your normal static information Web site into the eCommerce level.

I already have my own Web hosting, can I host my online store there?

Unfortunately not, for security reasons, since your online store needs to be hosted on the same server where the redtienda eCommerce software is located.

Why should I use redtienda and not other alternatives?

Try them and compare them with redtienda and you will understand why redtienda is #1.

I do not know a lot about the Internet or computers, can I still use redtienda?

Of course, redtienda is easy to use, as you will discover by yourself when you are testing our online demo. It does not require any previous experience or programming skills. The heavy programming is already done for you so you can focus solely on what's related to your business.

I have quite some experience with Internet, will redtienda be too simple for me?

No, redtienda will not be too simple for you. Rather the opposite. If you have knowledge about computers and the Internet, redtienda will be more enjoyable. You can implement many advanced functions. redtienda is very similar to Microsoft Word in that sense. It is very easy to get started for the beginner, but there is a lot more to implement for the more advanced user.

What computer equipment do I need to use redtienda?

All you need is an ordinary computer, Internet connection, and a Web browser (what you use to read this page) for working with redtienda. There are no annoying downloads or complicated installations, you can simply work from any computer in the world with Internet access.

My online store

How many products can I include?

You can have max. 10 products as a REDTIENDA LIGHT user. If you upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD you can include as many products as you want.

What is the difference between Products and Categories?

The Products are the heart of your store. Each Product has a Name, Description, Image, Price, etc. Each Product should have its associated information.

The Categories list the Products. Each Product can be connected to one or several Categories. The Categories pages themselves should not have much information (no individual Product information), they should just list the Products in an organized manner. The Home Page is also a Category, since you can list some Featured Products there.

So your visitors will browse the Categories to find your Products, then add the Products they want to buy into the shopping cart (that calculates the total price), then do Checkout.

Here you can see an example of a Product (Red Robin) and a Category (Women).

Can I have inventory in redtienda?

No. There used to be a function for inventory in the old version of redtienda but nobody used it and it did not work well. It is better if you manage this internally on your computer or intranet. There is now a function for each Product that shows the delivery time for that Product (it is called "Specify Shipping Time" on the Edit Product page). So there you can show if you can send a product immediately, in a couple of days, or weeks. So, if you for example do not have a product in stock, you can change the delivery time so it shows correct in the store. And additionally, you do not need to update the status every day for many products, which saves you time, especially if you sell your products elsewhere (outside of your online store).

How do my customers pay me?

You configure what payment methods you want to accept in the redtienda store manager. You should also write something about this in your online store (preferable on a page called "How To Buy") so that your customers know how to do business with you.

How can I accept credit cards and/or online payments in my online store?

As a REDTIENDA GOLD user you are able accept credit cards and/or online payments with 2CheckOut, PayPal, or DineroMail. Click here to learn more.

How are the orders received by redtienda?

Orders, like everything else, are accessed in the redtienda store manager. You can arrange orders by date, customer, etc. with complete information. Orders are also sent to you by email.

How do I charge sales tax with my online store?

It depends on where your business is located, what kind of products you sell, and to whom you sell them. Normally, if you export products to other countries, no sales tax is applicable. However, to be sure, please consult with local government agencies, chambers of commerce's, trade offices, and/or other organizations. Sales tax is configured in the redtienda store manager.

How do I know what shipping options to offer?

Like taxes, it depends on where your business is located, what kind of products you sell, and to whom you sell them. You need to check locally what is available for you. Shipping is configured in the redtienda store manager.

I want to use multiple-languages, does redtienda support that?

Sure, preferable you start in one language and when you are satisfied you can start implementing other languages. You can either open a new online store in the new language (using two stores) or upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD so you can modify the templates to use two languages (using just one store).

Also, you can add the Traductor de Google to your store.

I want to use multiple-currencies, does redtienda support that?

No. You can only have one currency with redtienda. However, you can include a link to a currency converter, for example Oanda.

Creating my online store

How do I create my online store?

First get redtienda and start creating your online store. Creating it consists of 2 steps. You start with configuring your design and then you insert the data for products, categories, and other pages. Before you launch the store you should test everything.

How long does it take to create an online store? It depends on its size, how organized your material is, and the time you spend. Some stores take a day to create while others take several weeks or months. As an example, we designed the demo store by ourselves, and since we had prepared all images and text content in a Word document, it took us just one night to create the entire store and then a couple of days to test, try different solutions by tweaking the content until we were happy.

Can I personalize the look of my online store?

Yes, this is one of the main advantages of redtienda. You can chose from over 85 templates and thousands of colors to create a totally corporate design. You can even customize the templates in any way you want if you upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD.

Will I get my own domain?

You can use your own domain ( as a REDTIENDA GOLD user. Your store address will be in the format as a REDTIENDA LIGHT user.

I have just ordered redtienda and entered the store manager, but what do I do now?

If you have already used the 3-Step Design Wizard to configure the design, we recommend that you continue to insert a couple of products. Go to the "Support" area in the menu and read the quick guide "3 Easy Steps to Create Your Online Store" and all the other material.

What if I do not want to create my online store myself?

You can get help from a designer to create your online store. This is especially good if you upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD since you then can modify templates. You can find a Web designer that is suitable for your requirements in our Web Designers Directory.

Managing my online store

Once the store is created, can I update it myself?

Yes, you use the redtienda store manager to update the content, change pricing, add new products, make promotions, check orders, and much more.

Will redtienda help me with marketing?

Not really, redtienda is just to create and manage the online store itself. However, indirectly you will get help from the many online marketing tips in the redtienda store manager. We strongly recommend you to get our #1 free eCommerce course (only in Spanish).

Also, include your products on shopping portals such as and Buscapé.

I have just launched my online store, but I have not sold much! What did I do wrong?

You need to start promoting your online store! You need to get traffic and get famous for your uniqueness. Remember that creating a store on the Internet is like building a shopping mall in the jungle. It does not matter how nice and functional it is...if nobody knows about it, nobody will use it. We strongly recommend you to enter the "Promote Your Online Store" page in the "Manage" area to learn more how to start promoting your online store and get business.

Are there any special requirements for using redtienda?

Only that you need to stay active with your online store. You should login to the redtienda store manager every day or week, but should be at least do it once every 30 days. If you are not active, your store will automatically get inactivated. So please be an active merchant, because only then will you succeed selling your products on the Internet.

Where do I login to the redtienda store manager?

You can login at or from the Home pag of this Web site.

Please note: There is a "My Account" in your online store. That is for your clients to see their order status, change their information, etc. You can not login there to redtienda.

More questions

What technology does redtienda use?

It uses PHP on a MySQL server.

What kind of security does redtienda use?

There are several levels of security, both for you as a user and for your customers. Each security level can be accessed only by the correct User Name and Password.

Can I include advertisement from others?

Yes, you can include advertisement and HTML-codes from others (for example Google Adsense) in your online store. But consider if it is worth it... Remember, it is an online store and you want your visitors to buy from you, and not send them to another Web site (maybe even your competition!). We recommend using advertisement just on normal informative Web sites, not online stores like the one you will have with redtienda.

How will I get help if I do not understand anything?

We have included many online resources in the redtienda store manager. There you will find answers in the redtienda manual and the other online guides. You will receive unlimited technical support from our redtienda experts if you upgrade to REDTIENDA GOLD.

Is it possible to close an online store?

Yes of course, just let us know and we will close it for you.

Can I have more than one online store?

Yes of course. If you have several businesses, it is generally better to have one store per business. Just make sure the new online store is registered to another email, since each store is unique and registered to a unique email address.

How can I contact you personally before I begin?

We have all our contact information available on our Contact page.

redtienda is great! I want to recommend it to someone, will I get paid for that?

Yes! Please check out the redtienda associate program where you can earn well-paid commissions for referring new business to us.

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