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redtienda corp. helps Hispanic small and medium-sized businesses to grow their companies by selling their products on the Internet through their own online stores. redtienda is the online tool they use to create and manage these online stores. Learn more.


Letter from our CEO and Founder

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the redtienda Web site! We hope that our site will meet your expectations, whether you are a redtienda user, investigating why you need redtienda, or just browsing our site to learn more about eCommerce.

redtienda is owned and managed by Redtienda AB (d/b/a redtienda corp.), which is 100% committed to electronic commerce in Latin America and the Hispanic markets in the world. We are operative based in Örebro, Sweden. Whoever you are and where ever you are located, we will do our best to make you a very satisfied user!

redtienda CEO and Founder Erik G. Olsson

CEO and Founder Erik G. Olsson

We know that eCommerce and the Internet are the hottest industries right now and that eCommerce is the future. Our future. Newsweek named it the most promising industry, and they are not the only ones saying that. We strongly believe that the smallest companies have the most use of the Internet to do business today. The only way for our vision to become reality and make a mayor impact is when these small businesses get access to a powerful system that is free and easy to use. That is why we created redtienda. And that is why we offer it for free!

We wanted to make it as accessible and simple as possible for merchants in Latin America and the world to start doing business on the Internet. Remember that all of us form and develop the Internet together. We are really excited to help you succeed in this new world of opportunities. Whether you are young or old, a beginner or an advanced user, work full-time or part-time, have a small or a big company, work for a 100% virtual company or want to take your present company to the Internet for business – redtienda is your best choice for opening and operating an online store. We will continue for years to come to bring you the very best eCommerce tools available on the market. That is our vision. Read our vision for 2018.

Feel free to contact me personally at eolsson(a)redtienda.com if you want to share any questions, recommendations, or comments directly with me.

Thanks for your visit and I hope you will enjoy redtienda!

Best regards,

Erik G. Olsson

redtienda CEO and Founder

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