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But before you continue, we strongly recommend that you have read the Summary and studied the Demo so you know how redtienda works. And also, that you have reviewed How To Create An Online Store before you start.

Even though redtienda is free, we do strive to have SERIOUS and ACTIVE qusers that truly benefit from using our quality software.

Open an online store

Make sure that these basic requirements apply to you and your business BEFORE you begin:

  • You are a serious merchant, selling tangible products (for ex. clothes, furniture, jewelry, machinery, handicrafts) that can be displayed in a catalog-format (the store)
  • You do not sell products that are illegal, harmful, or unsuitable in any way (nor are multi-level products/businesses MLM suitable for redtienda)
  • You desire to be ACTIVE creating and afterwards using your online store (a store demands work and attention)
  • You are not getting an online store just to try redtienda's functionality (if that is the case, please try our demo before you get started)
  • You look forward to make your new online store a true success story

Every new store is revised. We reserve the right to reject any online store not meeting these basic requirements or our license agreement.

If you agree to this and are ready to open a store, simply fill in the information on this page and then click on the button below. The information you enter below is stored so it's possible to create your account. All fields are required (if not otherwise indicated). Please type accurately.

1. Your contact information

Please double check your email address in the above field, as this is where we will be sending you all of your information.

2. Help us to better understand your business

If you later want to include your products on the shopping portal (it's FREE), this will be the Category under which your products will be listed.

3. Your store information

For ex. My Company Name
For ex. mycompanyname (small letters, a-z, 0-9, no space).
This is also your User Name and it can Not be changed later.
At least 4 characters (small letters, a-z, 0-9, no space)
Can not be changed later

Your online store and redtienda will become enabled within minutes after you have clicked on the button below. You can then start immediately to create your store. Imagine, within a couple of hours or days you could be generating sales with your very own online store – it's that easy. Welcome!

Important: Please click on the button just once.
On Submit, you will come to a confirmation page.
We respect your right to privacy and will not release
or disclose any information collected here.

Before you start...

Study other stores. Think how you want your online store to be.

Carefully read "How To Create An Online Store".

Be special! Sell unique products and/or offer the lowest pricing. Offer the best service.

Set goals, that you want to accomplish. Make a plan and work it.

Plan the structure of your store (Categories/menu) and prepare the content (Products), so creating the online catalog be quick.

Think of the design of your store, what impression you want to give.

Put extra focus on creating a great Home page of your store.

Have your Logotype ready in a JPG or GIF format. It should have the name of your business and look professional. Important!

We recommend you to have a company when operating your own store.

Just open a store if you are serious and prepared to invest time and attention in your online business.

Have you tried the online demo? Study it! That store took less than an hour to create since we knew the structure and had all material ready.

Read and follow everything that is in "Una Lista de Exito para Tiendas Online".

Learn everything you can before you start. Use El blog de redtienda frequently. Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Use the "Support" area in redtienda for help (manual, videos, guides).

Once your store is ready, update it and make promotions often. Use redtienda daily.

Think on how to best promote your online store. Google and Facebook recommended.