Discover the redtienda Online Demo

"Try redtienda live to see how a store and the manager work"

Finally an eCommerce software that speaks your language. But before you open your own online store, it is essential that you try the demo below to see redtienda live in action.

This is a demo version of REDTIENDA LIGHT. Click on the left link to see a simple online store and on the right link to login to the redtienda store manager. The redtienda store manager is write-protected in this demo so you will not be able to change any information.

The store manager

The redtienda store manager

User Name: store
Password: beach65

The demo store

The redtienda demo store

And the same store with a Theme for REDTIENDA GOLD:

Tip: When you study the online demo, try to have two Web browsers open at the same time. One browser with the redtienda store manager and the other with the redtienda demo store. By doing so, you can act as a merchant and a shopper at the same time.

Also try to find a specific product (for example "Red Robin" in the category "Women") in the browser with demo store. Then look up the same product in the browser with the redtienda store manager (click "Products" in left menu, then search for "Red Robin", and open it). Do the same for several products, categories, store configuration, etc.

Now you can understand how you can use redtienda to first create and then manage your store, and what a great experience your customers will be offered.

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