The Benefits of redtienda

With our easy-to-use eCommerce software redtienda you will quickly get more customers and increase your sales by selling your products on the Internet through your own online store, and at the same time work more effectively so you can spend more time on things you like to do.

Thousands of successful companies like yours have chosen redtienda to transfer their conventional businesses to the Internet. It is probably the most professional solution available for free on the market today for creating and managing online stores. Yes, redtienda is now 100% free!

Key benefits

Here is a summary of what you'll get with redtienda:

  • A professional online store with its own design and content
  • Shopping cart makes ordering multiple products much easier
  • 100% free to begin and operate
  • Everything in English (or Spanish)
  • Super-easy to learn and use
  • Web browser-based and located on a server for easy access
  • Uses a strong, reliable, and secure technology (SSL)
  • Lots of powerful and smart features that automate daily tasks (see below)
  • Manage your online store (once it is launched)
  • No third-party advertisement in your online store
  • Many online resources and free updates of new functions (for life)
  • Include your products on the #1 Hispanic shopping portal – for FREE
  • And more (all features)

In other words, if you wish to sell your products on the Internet, with redtienda you'll get what you need (and more!) in order to successfully open and run your own online store. No other system can deliver the above proven features to you in such an easy way for free!

As you might already know, operating your own online store is one of the absolute most cost-effective ways to increase your sales. And when you get a system to open your store, you do not want its creation and administration to be complicated, especially if you don't know much about eCommerce or have much time. That is why we made redtienda so easy to learn and use.

Creation made easy, fast, and FUN

All you need to do is select which store model or theme you want to use, implement your corporate image and logo, create categories, insert your products, and the other content you want to display in your online store. This is incredibly easy and accelerates the development of your store since redtienda uses a variety of pre-made templates (there are 85 powerful templates to choose from). The best way to experience the power and depth of redtienda is trying the redtienda online demo.

And unlike other systems, this complete shopping cart software is totally in English (or in Spanish if you prefer) and it does not require any previous experience or programming skills. The heavy programming is already done for you so you can focus solely on what's related to your business.

The customers buy more and more often

Your online store can be in English or Spanish. It will be unique with your design, your content, and your store address. Your new customers will find you through search engines or maybe a link on another site. Include rich information about your products and redtienda makes sure it will be simple for your visitors to browse your products, get recommendations, and access other related information in order to make a buying decision directly online.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for answers on how to receive payments, how to ship your products, how long it takes to create a store, how you get customers online, and much more.

Lowering costs and increasing sales – at the same time

Consider redtienda your friend. As you continue to run your normal business offline, redtienda will take care of your new needs online. It will probably be your most important business tool to increase sales in new markets and strengthen the relationships with your existing customers. And it will save you a great deal of time and frustration – and money.

There are no annoying downloads or complicated installations. In fact, running your online store has never been easier. You simply use your Web browser to securely access the redtienda software and your online store whenever you want. Both of them are hosted on our server which gives you several competitive advantages – you do not have to worry about critical security issues, getting additional software, searching for a reliable hosting provider, and it will save you expensive start-up costs in systems that soon become unuseful. It takes 5 minutes to get your own online store with redtienda. Click here to get started today at no cost.

What this cutting edge system will deliver to you

You can be sure to always have the latest technology (all updates of new functions are free and automatic). redtienda uses strong and advanced technology to ensure that redtienda and your online store deploy smoothly and perform reliably! redtienda handles all the behind-the-scenes "tough stuff" so you can concentrate 100% on growing your business. You'll get the same reliable system that is used every day by redtienda pioneer users such as Envío Especial in Mexico, Los Recambios in Spain, y Regalos Dalia in Argentina.

Start today and sell within days

You (or your webmaster) can get access to this powerful system and start creating your online store within a couple of minutes. Within days from now, you could be selling your products online in a professional manner, watching your new orders arrive to your company, and finding yourself convinced that operating your own online store is one of the absolute most cost-effective ways to increase your sales. You are actually missing orders today by not selling your products on the Internet. Getting started with redtienda is easy and it will take you just 5 minutes.

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