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Please fill out the information about the person in charge of your participation in the redtienda associate program. This is the person to whom we will address all correspondence. The information you enter below is stored so it's possible to create your account. All fields are required (if not otherwise indicated). Please type accurately.

Please double check your email address in the above field, as this is where we will be sending you all of your information.

We pay commissions quarterly by PayPal. Your earned referral fees must reach at least $50 USD in order to be paid out.

Now it's time to create your Associate Name and Password. These are used to login to the associate administration site. The Associate Name has to be unique as it will be included in your special link that you use to promote redtienda (your special link will be like this

For ex. mycompanyname (small letters, a-z, 0-9, no space).
Can Not be changed later.
At least 4 characters (small letters, a-z, 0-9, no space)

Please review the participation Operating Agreement which describes the terms and conditions of your in the redtienda associate program. Once you have filled out this form and reviewed the agreement, press the "Submit Application" button to submit your application.

If your application to participate in redtienda associate program is accepted, you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Operating Agreement which you hereby state to have read and understood.

It is against your associate agreement (Operating Agreement) to advertise redtienda via unsolicited email. Some people think that associate's "spam" email originated from us, damaging our reputation and causing us many administrative problems. DO NOT send unsolicited email to promote redtienda, or you will be in violation of your associate's Operating Agreement and your account will be terminated, forfeiting all outstanding referral fees. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

Important: Please click on the button just once.
On Submit, you will receive an email with your special assigned link
and easy instructions on how to get everything set up immediately.
We respect your right to privacy and will not release
or disclose any information collected here.

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