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Tuesday May 29, 09:51 PM
redtienda corp. Announces: Finally a Useful Shopping Portal for Hispanics

By Business Wire

OREBRO, Sweden  redtienda corp., the company behind the popular Hispanic eCommerce software redtienda, today introduced (, a regional shopping portal in Spanish and English presenting products sold by redtienda stores.

"We have seen an increasing demand for a single place on the Internet where Spanish-speaking consumers can buy products locally and from other countries. Most of the few existing shopping portals for Hispanics are confusing to use or sell only products from giant stores in the United States. With, shoppers can quickly find thousands of products sold by small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America, the USA, and Europe. The product range is growing continuously," said Erik G. Olsson, CEO of redtienda corp. is a specialized product search engine which exclusively presents products and services sold by online stores using redtienda. The shoppers can easily search for a specific product or browse by category and/or country to view available products in their own language, general information about the venders, and compare prices. Once a shopper clicks on a product in the listing, it will be taken to the product page of the online store selling the corresponding product, where the transaction takes place.

The shopping portal will be of tremendous value to Spanish-speaking shoppers but also English-speaking shoppers who seek local Latin products such as handicrafts and clothes. is a natural extra sales channel for companies using redtienda to sell their products online - closing the circle of buyers and sellers.

"While redtienda is our core business, is foremost a value-added service that will help our customers to sell more products. It creates another invaluable benefit for companies to use redtienda when opening an online store. Our only revenue from comes from banner sales, however we will invest heavily to promote and further license the shopping module to Latin content portals and other high-traffic sites to use as their own shopping section," stated Mr. Olsson.

The Latin American eCommerce market ranks fourth in the world on turnover - after the USA, Europe and Pacific rim countries. Latin America has seen some of the world's fastest growth in online business, which will continue. Internet usage is also growing rapidly, Spanish-language content sites are proliferating and eCommerce revenues are strong. Additionally, Hispanics are now the largest minority group in the USA.

redtienda corp. is a Swedish-based eCommerce company established in 2000 whose mission is to provide high-quality software products in Spanish and English that are comprehensive and useful to emerging Hispanic businesses primarily in the Americas and Europe. Today, over 2,700 companies in 47 countries use redtienda to operate their own online stores. More information about the company and redtienda can be obtained by visiting the Web site

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